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I am alone and all the three boys fuck hard

fuck hard:- My name is Rinki, I am currently preparing for competitive exams. Two of my friends got jobs and one got married. We have a common friend Zalim who is a tall and slim smart guy of 21 years. He may be a taxi driver but I call him the king ever since he fucked all three of us for the first time 9 months ago. Now I want to marry him but my family will not marry the taxi driver, I know this very well because my father is respected in the village.

fuck hard

So I decided that I will continue to have fun with my cruel king like this. I had taken a room in a nearby town for the competition and I live alone. Whenever I got a chance, I used to meet Zalim and I used to obey everything of Zalim because he had fucked me for the first time 9 months ago and tore my virgin pussy and ass. Jaleem told me few days ago that like you three girls killed my pussy and ass 9 months ago, similarly me and my two friends will kill your pussy and ass, I laughed and avoided it and went to Jaleem Said you have changed. Will take my pussy and ass.

He also started laughing but this thing did not come out of my mind. No one has ever fucked me except Zalim. No one except my pussy and ass can know how much I have given in Zalim’s cock. Zalim also used to enjoy my pussy and ass as much as he did not enjoy anyone else’s ass.

boys fuck hard

Whenever Zalim used to fuck me. So by trapping the cock’s cap in the skin of the pussy and ass, he used to excite me a lot. His flat penis size was 9.25″ long and 3.25″ thick and the penis cap was 3.75″ thick and pinkish-red in color. Now my pussy and ass were exposed. But it does not mean that if 3-3 boys fuck together. So it won’t matter.

After all, the time has also come when the plan of Zalim was about to be fulfilled. She called me that today Richa will stay or go to village so I said that I will stay here and I told her Raja miss you you come. So he started saying on the phone that Rani I am Avanga too and I will give you a lot tonight.

I never had sex with the oppressor at night, whenever I had sex with him, I did it during the day only because the system of sex at night was not made. I cleaned my pussy hair for my king and went to beauty parlor to get ready. Brought a new pink colored bra and netted transparent panty from the market because Zalim liked this colour. I already had a supply of creams and oils for sex – these were brought by my friend Maya Singh who is a nurse.

I was happy when three boys came

Fuck hard:- I got ready and started waiting for the king. Then someone knocked on the door. When I looked through the crack of the door, I saw Krur and two boys of 18-19 years with him. And both looked smart and physically fit. I was scared to see 2 more boys with Zalim. But when I opened the door for my tyrant king, all three entered the room. And I gave water to all three.

It was past 10 in the night. Like Zalim, his body was also soft. Zalim introduced me to him and told about him. One was named Salman and he works in a cinema hall in the city. The name of the other was Shahid and he sometimes used to drive Zalim’s taxi.

My room is so secure that no one can see who is coming and who is leaving. Now all four of us were silently looking at each other. I thought Salman and Shahid were tricked into my room by Zalim, so they were looking at my transparent skirt from which my panty was visible. Zalim winked at me and indicated that today all three of us will quench your thirst.

So without losing much time I started carrying out Zalim’s plan because I respected everything Zalim said. Because of Zalim, I had no relation with both of them. We went to the bathroom and hooked our skirts like this. That if I bend even a little, the skirt will fall down. I came out of the bathroom and bent down to pick up the glass of water, my skirt fell and my bum was towards Shahid.

my right hand instead of cock

I faltered while pretending to run back to the bathroom. And fell between Salman and Zalim. That’s why my right hand came in Salman’s pant instead of his cock. Now I was secretly watching that too along with Zalim. The cocks of both those men also started sliding under the jeans pants.

And with this the three boys attacked me. Zalim was pressing my uncle, Salman was rubbing my pussy and Shahid was pressing my butt. Zalim took off my bra and Salman took off my panty. Getting down in it was transparent, but according to Edge’s intention and plan, it was also necessary to get down for pussy and ass fuck. While Salman was looking sharpest, Shahid was also no less than cruel. I had tried the brutal king or you can say my dick and ass had tried his cock and cock cap more than me.

I was completely nude and those three miscreants had not even removed their upper clothes yet, so they took off my Salman’s T-shirt and took out the hook to open his jeans. Don’t know why today I was very attracted to him

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