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These agreements lay down the norms and guidelines for using the website of Reshmakhan located at https//reshmakhan.in/.

 By accessing this website, we expect you to accept these agreements. If you agree to take the fullness of the agreements expressed on this runner, try to keep moving forward.

 The accompanying terms apply to these Terms and Conditions, the Forfeiture Policy, and the Disclaimer Notice and all agreements to “Customer,” “You,” and “Your,” which are personally signed on this website and pursuant to the Company’s agreements. Company,” “own,” “we,” “our,” and “we” refer to our company.” Party,” “gatherings,” or “we” indicates both the customer and himself.

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  By entering Reshma Khan Escort Agency runners, meeting or arranging to meet one of our escorts, you acknowledge that you are 18 times or older;

  Preface to our attendants

  Our escorts are often new to this business, they are not professionals and do it as a side-line, they have some other job or they are studying, modeling, television actress, film actress, from the world of glamor Fashion model or fashionista.

For sequestration and security reasons, we can not partake celebrities’ details with everyone. This information is veritably nonpublic, so we’re arranging celebrity information/ list for vindicated guests only.

  Reshma khan list is prepared by the Reshma khan fellow for each customer as each customer has a different budget megacity and date and it takes further than 2 hours to prepare this list according to your demand.

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Last Updated February 2022

As of the date shown above, these terms of use are still valid.

Offeror Users create content displayed on the Site and are entitled to upload advertisements and create profiles in accordance with the Paid Services terms below. Recipient Users have access to content placed by Offeror Users and are given the opportunity to contact Offeror Users via the contact information uploaded by such Offeror Users.

Users are urged to close the site and stop using the service if they do not want to be bound by the terms of use, as continuing to browse the site indicates consent to the terms of use in effect at the time of your visit.

If you desire to register as an Offeror User, you must confirm your acceptance of the Terms of Use, which include the Acceptable Use Policy and the Summary and Guidelines outlined below, at the time you create your profile or post an advertisement.

are mandated by a court order from an appropriate court or other government body, or are threatening, abusive, or discriminatory.

Although it is up to each User to ascertain for themselves the laws that apply to any material they contribute to the Site and whether such material complies with the Terms of Use, the sections labelled “Acceptable Use Policy” and “Summary and Guidelines” set out in more detail material that is thought to violate these Terms of Use.

For serious or persistent violations of these Terms of Use, we retain the right to prohibit Users. We will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any losses, claims, damages, or expenses of any kind resulting from the removal of any advertisement or the banning of any User, and no refunds for any fees paid to us will be given unless specifically stated in the “Refunds Policy” below.


By using the service, users represent and warrant that they are 18 years of age or older. The service is an adult service. A violation of these Terms of Use will occur if any User under the age of 18 falsely represents that they are 18 or older or attempts to get around any age verification tools we may have set up.

As previously said, Recipient Users should be aware that we don’t have any kind of preemptive influence over the information contained in the online ads that Offeror Users post. The Site does not act as a middleman or agent for any Users, and it is not in any way liable for any risks, demands, or obligations resulting from any future service provision or other arrangement between any Offeror User(s) and any Recipient User (s).

Users accept full and exclusive responsibility for how they behave toward the Site and other users, as well as other third parties, when they use the service.

The accuracy of any advertisements placed by Offeror Users, or the success of any discussions between any Offeror User(s) and any Recipient User, are not our responsibility or guarantees (s).

Restrictions on Liability

Nothing in these Terms of Use limits or excludes any party’s liability for death or personal injury brought on by their own or another party’s negligence, for fraud, or for any other liability that cannot be legally excluded or limited.

The Site, its affiliates, and their respective administrators, staff, officers, or directors disclaim all responsibility for:

Any loss or damage that results from events beyond their reasonable control; any loss or damage due to a disruption in the Site or the service’s availability; any direct or indirect loss of profits, business, reputation, anticipated savings, or turnover; any loss or corruption of data; and any indirect, special, punitive, statutory, or consequential losses of any kind, even if they have been forewarned of the possibility of such losses.

In the case of services that are paid for, the liability of the Site and its affiliates, as well as its or their affiliates’ managers, employees, officers, or directors, to Users for any other losses and damages, whether arising in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty, or under any other legal theory whatsoever, shall (without limiting the Refunds Policy outlined below), be limited to the higher of the sums.

Each of the aforementioned provisions and sub-provisions is a single, independent clause, and if one is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it will not have any bearing on the enforceability of the other provisions, which will continue to be in full force and effect.

Policy on Acceptable Use

Users agree not to use the Site’s services inappropriately or in a way that is inconsistent with the terms of applicable law, regulation, norms of conduct, or good network practise. Users, in particular, agree not to transmit over the Site any offensive or libellous material, as well as any that is discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, pornographic, paedophilic, vulgar, blasphemous, or otherwise in violation of the moral and public order principles.

Offeror Users are in charge of adhering to all applicable laws with regard to the information contained in their advertisements. Users must specifically refrain from promoting any services or publishing any data or anything that is illegal in their jurisdiction.

Offeror Users guarantee that they are the data subjects of all individuals whose personal data is included in any advertisement they place or that they have the explicit and informed consent of all such individuals. They also guarantee that they will not use any material in their advertisements that violates the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party without the consent of that third party.

Offeror Users understand that by putting an email address in an advertisement hosted on the Site, we have no control over any materials that may be sent directly to that email address, whether by other Users or not, and whether in response to that advertisement.

Summary and Instructions

The following overview of the aforementioned Terms of Use has been specifically pointed out to Offeror Users. To be clear, we provide this summary as a service to our Users and it shouldn’t be interpreted as legal advice regarding what can and cannot be included in advertisements and profiles.

Advertisements that make mention of providing sexual services in exchange for cash are prohibited;

It is forbidden to insert pornographic photos that show explicit or vulgar genitalia or that otherwise contain content that would be indecent in nature and in violation of the rules set forth by the relevant laws and regulations;

Any material that violates the “extreme pornography” rules, such as erotic material that shows acts that appear to be non-consensual, to involve animals, to involve sexual acts with dead bodies, to depict acts that seem to threaten someone’s life, or to result in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts, or genitalia, is prohibited;

Any content that uses erotic content delivered on private occasions without each participant’s consent is prohibited (“revenge porn”);

Content that shows, urges, offers, or otherwise stimulates sexual intercourse with minors is prohibited (referred to as “paedophile material”);

Paedophile content that has been inserted into an advertisement or profile will be instantly reported to the appropriate authorities, together with all access and meta data. Additionally, we have the right to report any content that violates our policies against severe or retaliatory pornography;

Users represent and warrant that they have all necessary rights to post advertisements and/or create profiles, and that the content they upload is the property of individuals who are of legal age (over 18) and have consented voluntarily and knowingly to have it published on the Site;

Each Offeror User will confirm via escortdirectory.in that they are of legal age in the applicable jurisdiction, that they are the person identified in that profile, and that they have not been subjected to any form of coercion before publishing an advertisement on the Site (which includes creating an online profile). The same advertisement may be published in a maximum of three different cities; it is not permitted to publish the same advertisement more than once in the same city during the same time period; and the Offeror User will not be able to publish their advertisement or use the service unless they provide this confirmation.